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Wisconsin #1 in Rate of Covid-19 Infection

Kirk Bangstad

According to a website RT.live, created by the founders of Instagram to help predict where Covid-19 is spreading the fastest, Wisconsin currently has the fastest Covid-19 spread in the country, overtaking Montana yesterday.

Apparently our rate of infection has been rising ever since May 12, the day Rob Swearingen and his Republican allies in the legislature and Supreme Court overturned Governor Ever’s stay at home order.

Read that again, Wisconsinites are getting Covid-19 faster than any other state as a direct result of Rob Swearingen and his crew playing political games.

Although our death rate in Wisconsin is still not high, that is a lagging indicator and science suggests it will tick up as all these new infections work their way into the elderly community, where 70% of all Covid deaths occur.

Neighbors, although I’m sure you’re getting tired about hearing about this pandemic, and you would prefer to just be on your boat and enjoy the summertime, we can’t forget that this is a self-inflicted wound caused by Trump and the party of Trump that has infiltrated our state because republicans no longer have the backbone to stand up to him and do what is right.

We were presented a false choice between saving our citizens and saving our economy, because our economy will suffer even more as cases expand in our state and and people reflexively stop spending and stop leaving their homes out of fear. If we did more to flatten the curve and stomp this disease out like most other advanced nations have done, our economies could bounce back that much faster.

Friends, we have to remember those that screwed us on November 3, and Rob Swearingen was one of them.

This is why I got into the race for Assembly, I have no personal desire to be in politics or to be in Madison/—I have a damn brewpub to save—but these guys have to be held accountable for hurting us.

Please vote Rob Swearingen out of office on Nov. 3


Written by Kirk Bangstad on 07/08/20

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