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As promised, because this is the foremost issue on everyone's mind

Kirk Bangstad

As promised, because this is the foremost issue on everyone's mind, I'm going to try and regurgitate the science i'm finding behind when/how to re-open the Northwoods of Wisconsin in 4 parts.

1. What does the scientific community say about what the "curve" needs to look like in order to re-open, and why that goes against the the Republican-led state legislature's push to re-open right away in Wisconsin.

2. Looking at the nuances of opening up various regions of Wisconsin earlier than others (hint, opening up the Northwoods and not other parts of the state will encourage people to come here from other parts of the state.)

3. Why is there a need for testing and contact tracing, even in the Northwoods where we have relatively few reported cases of Covid-19.

4. Why not all businesses are equally dangerous from a contagion perspective to re-open (unfortunately my own restaurant is one of the most dangerous), and how it is ok to partially re-open those businesses which pose a reduced threat to contagion.

I'll start with the first point tomorrow, but I've enclosed a link from a Biology professor at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth that touches on all this stuff REALLY well. I would encourage you all to read.

Finally, if you live in the Northwoods and are worried about our collective health and economy, please share these posts. Although I'm merely regurgitating science on Facebook, this is the very least we should be getting from our Assemblyman Rob Swearingen, my opponent. By not helping us digest the science, he is showing absolute zero leadership and actively endangering his constituents. Wisconsinites are being pitted against each other by dangerous rhetoric not based in science, and Rob is parroting it mindlessly. We deserve better.


Written by Kirk Bangstad on 05/13/20

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