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Time for Northwoods Businesses to Reject Tom Tiffany

Kirk Bangstad

Hello #progressivebeer fans, 

While the Minocqua Brewing Company is busy making a special beer for Kamala that you're going to love, we can't ignore the crazy happening all around us, because it doesn't get more real than armed insurrection against the USA.

Today we gotta focus on our Congressman Tom Tiffany.  In an article published today by the Wisconsin Examiner, we learned that Rep. Tiffany stood side by side on stage at a closed door rally for 400 people in Wausau while a right wing radio host called for 'war.'

Let's say that again so you in the rafters in back can hear.  Our Congressman is standing shoulder to shoulder with folks calling for the violent overthrow of our country.  

And this call for violence is based entirely on lies that our election was rigged. 

These are lies. Trump has lost 61 out of 62 lawsuits attempting to overturn the election, and those decisions were handed down by both conservative and liberal judges.

Tom Tiffany, just hours after his life was saved by the capitol police from America's finest basement dwellers, voted to overturn the will of Wisconsin's voters that both handed Biden a victory as well as Tiffany himself.

This is sedition. This is illegal.  Tom Tiffany should go to jail, and  he needs to be removed from office.

So this is what we're going to do.  We're spending some of the money raised in the last week for the Minocqua Brewing Company SuperPAC, about $32K so far, to put a list together of every business in Tiffany's district that has donated to his congressional campaign.

We're asking all these business to come forward in the next week to renounce Tom Tiffany for sedition to our country, demand his removal from office, and pledge to not donate another cent to him ever again.

This is happening all over the country already.  Major corporations such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Marriott, Walmart, Coca Cola, Ford, Verizon, Best Buy etc. etc. have all said they would NOT be donating any more money to any congressman or senator who voted to overturn the election results.

By publicly renouncing Tiffany before we release this list of corporate donors, these Northwoods business would be showing courage and patriotism, and we would applaud them. 

If they do nothing and wait until we publish this list, they will be at best cowards, or at worst, condoning sedition against their country.

It's time to stand up and be counted for the good of our country. Businesses in the Northwoods, it's time to do the right thing and help remove our failed Congressman from office.

If you would like to get this list, please "like" our FB Page

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please donate here

And a reminder, 5% of all Minocqua Brewing Company’s profits go to the SuperPAC.  We’re currently sold out of beer, but you can buy merchandise here

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 01/14/21

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