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More Bullying by the Lakeland Times

Kirk Bangstad

With everything happening in our nation’s capital, sedition by our own Tom Tiffany and Ron Johnson, it’s understandable if you missed a poorly written story by our local yellow journal, The Lakeland Times.*

I think it’s necessary to spend some time on this story and call out publisher Gregg Walker once again for bullying and misogyny, because even though it's old hat by now, decency demands we don’t let his habitually hateful instincts go unchallenged.

On December 29th, this biweekly birdcage liner announced they were filing an open record complaint against Oneida County Public Health Director, Linda Conlon, for apparently taking too much time to fulfill their request to send them 23,000 emails from her government account.

Yes, you read that right.  The Lakeland Times wants our public health director to spend her time sorting and redacting probably a large percentage of 23,000 emails (so she doesn’t violate HIPPA laws) for this paper who seemingly only wants these emails so they can try to find something that she’s done wrong and call her out on it.

Note that Conlon is kinda busy these days.  Taking a look at the Oneida County Covid Dashboard, we’ve had 47 Covid deaths with probably 4 more looming on the horizon, and every other metric associated with Covid in our county is “Very High” and “Growing.”

Needless to say, it’s no surprise Conlon hasn’t prioritized the Times requests. And needless to say, it’s ridiculous and cruel to even be making these requests of her at this time.

It’s almost like the Times doesn’t believe Covid is real and is thus trying to find a “cover-up” happening in Conlon’s office.

Imagine that, our local paper (best used as kindling) taking its conspiracy cues from Trump and Qanon, feeding into the distrust of health professionals and gasp—helping radicalize the true believers to resort to violence against our government.

Thanks Gregg Walker and henchman Richard Moore.  Thanks for your help radicalizing our Northwoods conspiracy theorists.

As I’ve reminded anyone in my neighborhood before, the Northwoods will get a lot healthier if Gregg Walker and his publications in Minocqua and Rhinelander cease to exist.

I’d recommend unsubscribing to the Lakeland Times and the Rhinelander River News and if you’re a business, to take your ad money elsewhere.  


Written by Kirk Bangstad on 01/09/21

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