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Not enough tests to go back to in-person schooling

Kirk Bangstad

Yet again, we're ignoring science.  

Schools shouldn't open physically in Wisconsin, because data shows we're not testing enough to actually know how many Covid cases we have in our communities, and the guidelines from the Harvard Global Health Institute put the entire state of Wisconsin off limits for in-person schooling.

Its simple, get below the the red-zone threshold of 25 positive cases per 100,000 people, then send kids back.  We can't know that stat until we have enough tests. Blame your Republican government for the lack of testing which puts kids at risk, no one else.

We knew this was coming.  Kids are going to get Covid in school and schools will shut down.  It's inevitable.  we've already seen it happen in 5 other states and many universities around the country. Why didn't the state legislature focus on this inevitable outcome and allocate money to:

1. Hire more teachers aids or tutors/childcare workers to supervise small groups of kids outside of the classroom to help take the burden off of parents so they can work and the kids can still learn virtually?
2. Train teachers on how to best teach online?
3. Upgrade broadband so that its possible to even learn virtually in the Northwoods?

Why, because the Republican majority legislature didn't meet for 2 months this summer.  Unbelievable!

Rob Swearingen has not returned a call from the teachers union begging him to help provide relief.

Rob Swearingen sent a letter to congress asking them to vote against the HEROES act to provide public school funding if they refused to go back to school in person.
Demand that your representatives lead, and if the don't, vote them out of office.  
Jesus these guys are worthless.

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 08/27/20

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