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Introducing #kamalabeer

Kirk Bangstad

We're so excited to finally reveal #kamalabeer to the world.   Here it is: 

",la. A Strong, Vice Presidential Stout" 

Why ",la?"  

Because Vice President Harris, while running for President, famously went on the "View" and had to help the entire cast pronounce her name.  She said, adorably, "Just think of like, a comma, then add a la." 

Then it seemed like the more conservative the tv personality was throughout the campaign, the more he (mostly it was the dudes) mispronounced her name. 

It's like they did it on purpose. 

Well, she's now the Vice President of the United States of America and we don't think anyone's gonna forget her name ever again. 

Congratulations Vice President Harris, here's our salute to you and all you've achieved. It’s the strongest beer we could make,  a 9.7% alcohol by volume imperial (we prefer Vice Presidential) stout. 

We've got limited quantities of this magical elixir, and our first delivery will be the week of February 8 in Dane County, the home of the progressive movement in Wisconsin.  

Here are our retail partners who believed in us and agreed to sell our #progressivebeer.  Please buy stuff from these guys and give them all of your love. 

Trixie's Liquor-Madison Star Liquor-Madison 

Jenifer Street Market-Madison Metcalfe's-Madison 

Harmony Bar and Grille-Madison Steve's Wine, Beer, and Spirits-Fitchburg 

Funk's Pub-Fitchburg 

Winestyles-Sun Prairie 

Barabrew Liquor-Baraboo (we know, not Dane County, but the owner was a friend of Chris from Trixie's, so we hooked him up) 

Don't worry Brew City, we haven't forgotten about you.  We just felt like we needed to start off in Madison.  We'll be signing up retail partners in progressive Milwaukee this Saturday, so if you'd like to see your favorite liquor store or bar sell our beer, please reach out to them and have them reach out to us. 

How do you spell relief?  ,la beer.

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 01/27/21

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