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Swearingen and Tavern League Dishonesty Hurting Wisconsinites

Kirk Bangstad

So Wisconsin had 601 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, the second most since the pandemic began.

For the third straight day Wisconsin has had the most new cases reported for that day since the beginning of the pandemic.

Meanwhile.....this is what the Wisconsin Tavern League said 6 days ago...

“After the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the unlawful stay at home order, the public was told that there would be a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. This was almost 6 weeks ago, and not only has the spike not occurred, the state continues to show a downward trend in positive cases.”

How dishonest and dumb to put out a statement like that 6 days ago when the rest of the country was exploding with new cases.

The dishonesty of the Tavern League isn’t just being callous with Wisconsinite’s health anymore, it’s actually hurting people by enforcing the belief that this virus is a hoax and that bars are just as safe as any other place. Guess who takes his orders from the Tavern League? Rob Swearingen.

Rob, are you willing to disavow the Tavern League’s dishonest comment and admit that you were wrong in overturning governor Ever’s stay at home order making it virtually impossible to act quickly with a new onslaught of cases?

If we get hit again, Evers can’t turn on a dime and act quickly to curb the spread of the virus, because he has to now ask for the approval of the Republican-led legislature. Ruling by committee during a pandemic is destined for failure, especially when your committee doesn’t listen to science and wants to give you a black eye.

The Republican governor of Texas, one of the four states being hit hardest by new cases right now, said “If I could go back and redo anything I would slow down the reopening of bars.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that most of the new cases in Wisconsin are caused by young people from college towns going to bars.

Rob Swearingen encouraged the rapid opening of bars and restaurants, including his own.

Rob attacked our Oneida County public health official Linda Conlon for publicly mentioning bars that people who tested positive for COVID-19 had been in over the last few days, so that other patrons of that bar could go get tested.

The health department in East Lansing Michigan reported that over 100 new cases of coronavirus came from one college bar called Harpers Restaurant and Brew Pub in a 2 week period, and called for anybody who had been at that bar to immediately go into quarantine.

Rob, will you admit that you were wrong about re-opening bars so soon in Wisconsin? It’s OK to admit you were wrong. We all make mistakes. But if you don’t admit you’re wrong, then people will start thinking you’re a liar or you are corrupt, or both.

From Fauci...”I’m not satisfied with what’s going on because we’re going in the wrong direction if you look at the number of new cases...coronavirus turned out to be my worst nightmare and it’s not over.”

The U.S. has screwed up its response to this virus, and the Republican legislature has screwed up Wisconsin’s response to this virus.

Republicans, it’s OK to be pissed off at your legislature. You can separate your conservative ideology from people playing games to hold onto power.

There’s a choice this November to vote for someone who is not a career politician and will not play games with your health. That guy’s name is not Rob Swearingen.


Written by Kirk Bangstad on 07/01/20

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