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The US has failed in its response to the coronavirus

Kirk Bangstad

The US has failed in its response to the coronavirus, but yet there’s a drumbeat to reopen our economy on the right and on the right fringe. If I were one of the 17 Countries in green below, or even one of the yellow countries, I would say it’s time to reopen the economy. We appear to be one of the four worst countries on this list including both democracies and authoritarian regimes. And yes, this source is from Harvard University/John Hopkins University, and I will trust those sources better than a YouTube video with a source who has been jailed and whose research has been discredited by countless other scientists.

Instead of screaming at our governors to re-open the economy, we should focus all our efforts on screaming at the federal government to emulate the countless other countries that seemed to have figured out how to handle this.

Our anger is currently being misplaced by partisan disinformation campaigns attempting to sew chaos amongst us. Again, the choice is clear. Listen to the scientific community, and vote for people who listen to them as well.

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 05/10/20

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