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We’re gonna have some doozy posts next week

Kirk Bangstad

We’re gonna have some doozy posts next week, so don’t need to fight the power today, and since it’s Sunday and lots of people are confessing their sins, I’m going to address all the reasons why I shouldn’t be a candidate for State Assembly.

1. I’ve never held elected office unless you count high school senior class president as an elected office.

2. I don’t like giving speeches, I’m an introvert (yes singers are often introverts, it’s weird)

3. I don’t like arguing, although some might not believe that.

4. I hate asking people to donate money, which is like 90% of being a good politician.

5. I’m imperfect and make mistakes all the time, in my business and personal life.

6. I’ve got more baggage than you can imagine, so will probably be torn to shreds if ever in the public eye.

7. I often care too much when it comes to doing what I think is the right thing.

8. I can be an absolute jerk when I care too much.

9. I love my community, state, and country so much that I’m willing to risk my livelihood and my standing in the community to try to make things right.

10. Sometimes I’m a short-sighted jerk when I THINK I’m trying to make things right.

11. I get depressed a lot, especially since my wife passed away.

12. When I get depressed I’m often not the most responsible person.

13. I struggle with narcissism, this post shows that plain and clear.

14. I’m empathetic to other people’s pain, but not enough sometimes.

15. I don’t like protesting in the streets. It feels like chaos to me and my brain is uncomfortable with chaos.

16. My moral code is way more fluid than my code for fairness and justice, but I work to be better.

17. I’m an idealist who still believes we can all be happy if we just do the work. That won’t get me far in politics.

18. I’m stubborn, and think being freezing for 8 months of the year has something to do with that.

19. Did I mention I’ve got wicked streaks of narcissism, thus writing a 20 bullet list about myself?

20. Because I have absolutely nothing to lose and will actually do the job the way it’s supposed to be done, and not be a rubber stamp for anyone or anything. This is the opposite of what most politicians are these days, and opposite of what generally needs to be said and done to win an election, and that’s why our country and state are in shambles.

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 06/14/20

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