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Time for a New Coach

Kirk Bangstad

As the U.S. eclipses the rest of the world in new Covid-19 cases and deaths per capita, I am reminded why I entered the race for state assembly against Rob Swearingen.

We have a problem unique to this country that mystifies the rest of the world.

One of our political parties willfully ignores science and logic to retain power, and that systemic disdain for truth all the way down to the local level has finally been laid bare by a disease that doesn’t care about politics or lies. Rob Swearingen is just as culpable as Donald Trump when it comes to avoidable Covid-19 deaths, and unfortunately his craven rejection of science is coming to roost in Wisconsin as we’re just now seeing new cases on a relentless upward march.

I was at an appointment the other day and talking with a very conservative friend who said “Of course we have more cases than anyone else, our country was based on freedom and Americans won’t allow themselves to be shut down for very long.”

Funny how that sounds a lot like “Gun control will never work, there are just too many guns out there already so it’s a lost cause.”

Do you hear the defeatism in both phrases, admitting to failure because of a lack of will to fix a problem? “I might as well keep eating donuts because I’m already fat and will never be healthy again.”

There are those alive that still remember the “can-do” attitude of America during WWII. Government worked with the entire automobile industry to change on a dime to win the war—Chrysler made fuselages, General Motors made airplane engines, guns, trucks, and tanks. Ford churned out B-24 bombers ever 63 minutes for 24 hours a day.

And we’re too lazy to beat the coronavirus?

No, Americans are not too lazy and our “can-do” attitude never died. We are just being lead by a terrible coach in Trump and all of our assistant coaches like Swearingen at the state level just want to keep their jobs and cover their asses instead of standing up to the head coach and doing what’s right.

And we have a high a high school sports announcer in Fox News who is gonna sugar coat the home team’s losses by focusing on that great run by Joey in the first quarter even though we lost by 50 points.

Wake up neighbors of the Northwoods. We are not the problem, our leaders are. And until we can find honest politician and great leaders, our American dream will continue to be a nightmare.

It’s ok to vote for a new party if the party you belong to has died by a thousand corrupt cuts.

Please share with your conservative friends and if you agree with me, please donate to the campaign to help get the word out.

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 06/30/20

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