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So here's the Introductory paragraph I wrote in the Minocqua Brewing Company May Newsletter

Kirk Bangstad

So here's the Introductory paragraph I wrote in the Minocqua Brewing Company May Newsletter to those signed up for our mailing list. It details what I think needs to happen before restaurants should re-open their doors to the public. Because I maintain that my personal politics should remain separate from my business, I didn't place blame in this message, but on my campaign page I want to further expand on whose fault it is we can't re-open safely yet. First, Trump's dystopian and incapable leadership and administration are squarely to blame for the haphazard way in which all states are having to figure how to re-open up on their own, instead of having a coordinated national effort. His lack of leadership is a cynical way to direct blame onto state governors instead of himself. Unfortunately, since our statewide Republican Party has lost all its spine to stand up to Trump, just like the U.S. Senate Republicans, they're adopting the "re-open" at all costs mantra to make this a political fight putting economics on one side and health on the other. This is a false choice, but one that helps polarize and confuse the electorate.

Rob Swearingen is part of this problem because he's a sheep to Assembly Leader Vos, who is a sheep to Trump. They're all sheep because they feed at the trough of corporate greed, and that trough demands loyalty at every turn.

Again, here is my letter. I will expand on my thoughts on how and when Wisconsin should re-open, but for now, this is how i think my own business should re-open.

If you think this post makes sense to you, please share it. People in the Northwoods need to hear that there is another alternative to legislators who act like sheep and abdicate leadership.

To Open or not to Open, That is the Question
Hi Friends of the Minocqua Brewing Company,

Like the entire U.S., we are quite anxious about re-opening our doors. On one hand, we need to start making real money again to be a viable business. On the other, we don't think it's safe enough yet.

We will be basing our decisions on when to reopen on the best science we can find, and that science tells us we need lots of Covid-19 tests and a process called contact tracing. We believe that the only way we can safely reopen is if we have enough Covid-19 tests for people in the Northwoods to be tested immediately, and the ability to contact people to let them know if they've been in our restaurant at the same time as someone who tested positively for Covid-19, so they can get tested. This is called contact tracing. Currently, it doesn't seem like either of those two criteria are being met in the Northwoods and it doesn't look like those criteria will be met by May 26, the day that Wisconsin is supposed to "re-open."

But that doesn't mean we won't be ready to re-open if the health landscape changes dramatically in the next 20 days.

The following newsletter will explain what our restaurant will look like this summer. Its a pretty dramatic change from the past, but one we feel will do the best to keep both our customers and employees as safe as possible.

Thanks for sticking with us and hopefully we'll all see each other in person soon,
Kirk Bangstad, Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company

Written by Kirk Bangstad on 05/12/20

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